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  • New Zealand Tui

    A Tui is like a little ninja with their daring high speed acrobatics, dive bombs, and melodic beautiful songs. This is the national bird of New Zealand. They are fast moving, and feed off the nectar of flowers. This photo was taken in the Corromandel Peninsula in New Zealand as the sun was getting close to settings; by which its angle turned the normally dark feathers to iridescent colors. The golden color on its head is actually from the golden pollen within the flax flower it is feeding on. It is rare to get a picture of this beautiful bird with such colors.

  • Mystical New Zealand Ocean Bay and Cliffs

    While walking from our house over some headlands towards Shiva Beach (our name) in New Zealand, I found myself pulled off the path into the bush and some trees along the cliff edge. Continuing, the remains of a path emerged, and I found an old rope that let me climb down to this beautiful view, and the perfect rock to sit on near the bottom of a small waterfall. To add to the dreamy effect, a long exposure was used with a tripod which makes the waves look like clouds. Another special day in paradise - may all beings be blessed from that which is always in us!

  • A Timeless Tree by the Ocean Watching the Sun Rise

    This simple dead tree in a remote spot holds a place in my heart. Waking early, I brought a headlamp to walk down to the beach, and then across some rocks in the dark to a new spot - an adventure! A masterful adept walked with me in his subtle body, to join the outing, and seeing this tree, i knew it was the photo for the day. Some smoke haze from a wild fire was hugging close to the ocean, and allowing the bright sun to be photographed without being blown out. Much of life happens beyond words, and I find that this is what gives it richness. No matter how busy we are, the little moments count, always giving us a moment of stillness as we stop and enter.

  • Colorful Ocean Rocks and Islands Awaiting the Sun

    These simple rocks taught me a lot, as I walked down almost every morning for about a month to put up my tripod and photograph them, exploring nuances of light and technique. This moment was about a half hour before the sun rose, and the long exposure needed at that time in the morning resulted in the ocean swells smoothing out. The moon was behind me, lighting up the rocks a bit to give then color and depth. There is something very soothing at just looking at this image for a while, as it transports us into a peaceful place.

  • Mount Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu from Tongariro

    A majestic view of Mount Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu while walking down from the top of Tangariro in New Zealand.

  • Sunrise in Pohutukawa forest on way to Shiva Beach

    This beautiful grove of trees is on a walk from our residence in New Zealand over some headlands to one of our favorite beaches. It really does look majestic with the rich earthy colors highlighted by the rising sun.

  • Majestic Sea Cliffs in the Coromandel

    This was photographed after climbing up a steep waterfall-gully and carefully balancing. Along this stretch there a five remote beaches, hidden in the bays inferred in this view - each one so beautiful you might pinch yourself while walking with your feet in perfect golden-white sand. This photograph uses a 1:1 aspect ratio. I also have a 1:2 vertical aspect ratio, and a 8:10 version available, each slightly different (contact me).

  • Waterfall from a Castle in a Lush Valley on Ruapehu Mountain

    This waterfall, one of many on the side of Ruapehu, a world heritage park in New Zealand - almost looks to originate from a devic castle, illuminated by the setting sun, in this wonderland. This print has been sized for an 8 x 10 aspect ratio, also working for a 30 x 40 print.

  • The Blue Hour in Opoutere Estuary

    In this estuary after the sun sets, the melodic sounds of many birds soothe the soul with otherworldly sounds.

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